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Love's Plumbing Company, is family owed and operated company. We have been offering our plumbing and sewer services to Houston & surrounding areas since 1990. We specialize in getting any job done correctly and promptly. All of our work is guaranteed, and our customer service can't be beat!!

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Water Heaters Gas, electric and tankless hot water heaters in all tank sizes including 30 gallon, 50, 80 gal. and more. Call for more information on our tankless models that save energy and money.


Drain Cleaning Services Clogged or backed up, smelly or slowly draining pipes can be very frustrating! We snake and rooter to clear the lines, we use state of the art video inspection to detect tree roots, hair or debris clogs and then completely clean the drains. Make an appointment today.


Leak Detection Whether you have leaky pipes or valves, a main water line or sewer pipe leak, we have the right people and equipment to find the leak and repair or replace it. We offer video inspection services that locate leaks and clogs. We also have technicians who specialize in inner wall leak detection and leaks that need to be located under slab foundations.


Gas Line Call us for all your gas line repair and installation needs including remodeling, gas appliances, gas hot water heaters and more.


Water Line Is there a lake in your front yard? Has your water bill been outrageous lately? Call us today for expert leak detection, repair of leaky. cracked or broken water main pipes or installation of a new water line from the road.


Sewer Lines Cracked or compromised sewer line? We can help. Call us now for professional sewer line cleaning, water jetting services, sewer pipe repair or replacement and all other sewer related plumbing services.


Pipes, Valves & Pipe Fittings Our pipe services include repair of broken or leaking pipes, banging and knocking pipes, copper and cpvc pipe replacement and whole house repiping. We also repair and replace all types of valves such as indoor & outdoor valves that are leaking, rusted or corroded. Call us for all your pipe and valve repair and installation projects.

Garbage Disposal Need a new kitchen garbage disposal? Have you already purchased one and need professional installation? Call us for all your disposal repair and replacement needs.


Toilets Is your toilet leaking, constantly running, clogged or backed up? Our 24 hour emergency plumbers are ready to fix any toilet problem. We repair and replace plus we expertly install new toilets, their replacement parts or "guts" or a new wax ring; we fix wobbly toilets and install new valves and flappers. So call us today for complete toilet plumbing services.


Faucets Whether you need to repair or replace a kitchen and bathroom faucet, have outside spigots (valves) that are leaking, want to install a bar faucet or hot water dispenser, or if you need a new tub and shower faucet, we can help. Our qualified plumbers expertly repair leaky faucets and can install new faucets and tub spouts. Call us now for complete faucet services.


Sinks Do you have a sink that leaks? Or are you remodeling your bathroom and need new sinks installed? We expertly repair and replace all kitchen, lavatory, bar and utility sinks including professional undermount sink installation. Call now.


Showers, Shower Pans & Bathtubs Whether you are remodeling or just replacing part of your bathroom, we are the only plumbing company to call. Our reliable contractors are ready to repair or install a shower pan, tub and shower faucet or solve any bathroom plumbing problem.


Instant Hot Water ( On demand systems) Want instant hot water in your kitchen? Call us.


Water Purification Call for details on our water filtration and purification systems for your home.

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